So just been working too much and too exhausted to want to blog as much as I want to be, but… today was a long day. Took until 11pm to hit goal so a full 12 hours. But I eventually got there…

Anyways, the main point of this blog is I don’t mind driving at night now that I have glasses so I can see at night, but… the main thing I hate about driving at night is how so many people can’t remember to turn off their bright headlights. It frustrates me more than most things while doing the apps. There was this one truck once that was shining right into my windows while I was at Walmart to pick up, so I got out of my car and politely asked the guy to please turn off his brights. He told me they weren’t his brights and showed me what his brights were. The thing is his brights weren’t any brighter when he turned them on just more lights. He had brights installed in his regular headlight spot and so all turning on his brights did was give him 4 bright lights instead of 2. meh. I really think there should be a limit on certain headlight brightness also as they do have headlights now that are barely legal, but it is so hard to tell whether they are their brights or their regular lights as once I flashed my brights at someone that totally seemed like they had their brights on and they flashed me with really bright lights it was nuts.

Anyways, I am exhausted. Going to semi-watch a movie and possibly play a video game before I go to bed…

And then I think of one more thing to post before I end this post. I just paid another $600 on my credit cards so I am down to around $3100 + other misc smaller balances between cards. I think I may do another 3 weeks straight so I can finally get everything caught up and I think I will switch my schedule for those 3 weeks to see how it goes. Planning on going until midnight, then the next night 1am then 2am and I may actually try going all night at some point to see what it is like as I almost always end at 10 to 11pm. I think the latest I ever went was midnight.

Going the end the blog, but wanted to mention I am watching the movie, “Benny & Joon”. I think I have watched parts of it in the past, but never really paid much attention to it as I only semi remember watching it.

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