So today I have been working on getting back to doing youtube and posting my 1st video since deleting all videos on my channel. I would say it is about 70% done and I went and rendered it, but then I realized I wanted to add a few more things to it / do a few more little edits. I should probably cut out a bunch of stuff also, but I just want to work on it a bit more and have it done. I did record too much and didn’t make sure to change the project resolution to the original video resolutions so the video is in lower quality than it should be (learning moment). I think I will also need to pay to upgrade to Davinci Resolve Studio so I can render in at least 4k to get the best quality I can post to youtube going. But for now this should work. I am going to start setting a deadline for videos, but on my main channel I think I will only be posting once a week if not once every 2 weeks depending as I need to be working a lot to be able to afford everything, but I want to start to slowly, but surely posting better quality videos and not just a bunch of random crap (I do however believe that quantity over quality is actually better on youtube for those getting started as the more crappy videos one does with little improvements over time the better the channel can become and also it gives the channel lots of misc keywords to send out to the search engine, but quality content can work also if one puts all the steps necessary in to get the content seen as it can blow up and get a lot of views easier than a bunch of random videos, but random videos do sometimes get a lot of views as some of my most viewed videos were of just random quickly made stuff).

Anyways, I need to at least get some work in today to make at least a few dollars and then I want to try to finish up that video and try to get all bills in order. I still have all kinds of things I need for the house, but not sure where to get all of it and need to put a stop to the credit card usage soon here before it gets out of hand. But other than that all is good and will be really good once I get fully settled in and get all figured out.

I am still working on this video, but… it is technically up on youtube that you can check out and is unlisted and will be deleted once I edit it further / cut a lot more and do a few more edits then will be reuploaded. But… you can check it out here:

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