It may not be the final site design I use and will probably work on it more than just tonight on the current theme I have changed the site to, but I think the site design I changed it to has a lot of potential and will be working on it and I think it will make the website a lot better. I will be working on trying out other themes to see if I find anything that I think will work even better, but so far I think this theme should work pretty well at least compared to how it looked before. I will most likely change the site colors (maybe tonight) and also work on including more things that will change on the main page every time someone comes so returning to the site isn’t just seeing the same thing over and over.

Also today went decently well, I made a decent amount and almost have enough to pay off & close out my Petal card. Will put in the payment for that tomorrow so I will be down to $1886.62 left to pay on the final credit card. Going to start trying to come up with at least 1 youtube video idea every day so I have lots of things I have ready once I get going on creating videos again which is coming soon. Will also be buying new gear and things to help make my youtube better and etc.

Anyways, I am watching The Flash on Netflix and also going to get back to seeing if I can improve the website a little more before going to bed.

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