So I am slowly, but surely pushing myself to get back to youtube. My main goal currently is recording any easy type of video I can and have a deadline each week to have at least one of the videos up by. I plan on recording lots of misc videos (at least one a day) that I will work on doing little edits throughout the week on and hopefully get decent at doing quick edits and get better at it as I go. But… if I don’t get around to editing the videos I am going to post something anyways. Because any video is better than no video even if the video isn’t as good as it could be. Taking all this time off trying to get caught up so I could make the awesome videos I want to is just killing my channel. Hopefully some day I can make some of the big videos I have planned, but currently I don’t know when that will be because of all the expenses I have incurred from moving and the cost increases from higher rent & utilities. So will have to keep to the grind of the apps for now, but… I will make sure to be posting at least something, even if it is just an update where I talk to the camera about life, a quick let’s play of a video game or etc. I plan on having a list by my computer and also a small tablet where I have a big list of ideas for both quick easy videos and big videos. I may do some of the bigger videos, but in smaller scale soonish though. I still think they will do decent even if they aren’t as elaborate as I was planning on them being.

Anyways, I better get going and get to the apps. I think I need to make sure to wake up an hour earlier so I can get youtube + website stuff done by 9am at the latest and get to the apps by then or it may even be better to get going by 8am eventually and have the youtube + website stuff done before then.

Also I am going to be writing blog ideas down and hopefully get some good ones going and not just the same update stuff. Off I go, thanks for reading and watching, lots to come!

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