I think on the days when I am not sure what I should add as a title I will just add the date like this blog is titled. I may change it after I finish my blog, but I want to quit posting pretty much the same exact titles such as, “Another day or my day or etc”.

Anyways, yesterday we went to LJ’s soccer game, finished the Mario puzzle and then went to the movie theater: played at the arcade there and then watched, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”. It was a pretty good movie for the first 3/4 of the flick and then it got pretty boring and just wanted the movie to be over at it just dragged on. They really should have cut out a half hour of the film and it would have been a lot better in my opinion. I like some movies that are 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours+ long, but only the ones that can actually keep the movie entertaining the whole time. I can understand adding some suspense, but to me that usually only works in the beginning of the film. And this one didn’t really have suspense so much as a bunch of stuff that just should have been pulled. Other than that it was worth seeing and had some pretty good moments.

Oh yeah before the movie we played a little bit of pokemon go, been awhile since I have played it, we used to play it together a decent amount, but not so much lately. I am just somewhat bored with Pokemon Go, but it is decent for getting out of the house and getting a little bit of exercise especially in the summer.

I also worked on the website an okay amount, got the design look a little better. I do plan on adding actual images to the top and bottom where the black bars are, but for now it works slightly better. I also included an SSL & I think I got all links to be https:// so all pages should say they are secure. Also waiting on Google Adsense to hopefully approve this website so ads will eventually be shown on the site so I can eventually make a little bit from this website.

Will be adding more blog categories and also trying to organize all my previous blogs into some kind of category even a general category, not sure yet. But some blogs will go into multiple categories also, somewhat like this one I would think should go into multiple categories, but would need to figure out specific categories that would go with it. Not going to worry about it now, but will focus on it coming up.

Today since waking up mainly been watching youtube and I worked on this website a bit. Other than that not much, but better get off of here as we still have a lego set we have mostly finished last time he came over, but still have a little bit to go on it.

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