So today is yet another day… Taking the weekend off from the apps as I have my son for the weekend (technically only taking 1 full day off as I did work until 4pm yesterday and will be working just as soon as I take my son home on Sunday). Yesterday I bought him a mario puzzle which we worked on a bit last night and I think we are about to work on it some more in a few here. Got him some Pokemon tcg cards and got him Pokemon Let’s Go: Evee (I bought it for him before, but he said it got broken).

I worked on this site a bit last night and today. Got a few things done on it which I listed in the Updates section of this site. Will be working on it a bit more today and tomorrow. Well, will be working on it a little bit every day lol, if nothing else will be posting at least some kind of blog. Will be working on adding more and more categories so all my blogs don’t always turn out random like this one.

Anyways, back to real life, think we will work on the puzzle, then we are going to his soccer game at 10am then may go see a movie later and go to the arcade there (since I still have a game card left from last time we went with a decent amount of money left on it). May post more to this blog or post a different blog later.

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