So I have already started my day. I am on my first order at McDonalds now. Having an issues with not being able to see the text I am typing with my mobile editor… Will try to use Chrome for my next update and see if that helps.

Tried blogging out and about today and it just didn’t work out obviously as that is all I posted above. I am trying it out currently on my chromebook to see what it is like to blog on here and it does seem to be working the text that I type lags a good amount which does make it a bit difficult to write as fast as I can normally like on my main gaming laptop. But… it does somewhat work for now as something I can carry with me while I am doing the apps and I want to blog something.

On a good note I tested out blogging from my Android phone and it works perfectly fine which I figured that is how I blogged out and about before so I have that as an option also and I think it will actually work better as I feel I can type faster on my phone than I can on this Chromebook because of all the lag it gives me. So yeah, thought I had a reason to own this Chromebook and now I am back to feeling it was pointless buying it. At least it was only $25 at a secondhand store.

Anyways I did pretty good on the apps today I made right at $170 in 6 hours. Taking the weekend off at least until Sunday as I have my son. But will be working just as soon as I drop him off on Sunday.

I may add more to this blog later or this may be it for today.

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