So not sure what to call this blog as I am pretty tired and just want to go to sleep, but figured I would go ahead and write something before I go to bed. Did the apps today and did hit my goal technically. I changed my daily goal from $200 to $100 and made around $150. I changed the goal because I almost gave up on today because I was really tired and almost just took a nap, but was able to wake myself back up and get back out there. I may have been able to hit goal if I would have kept going past 10pm, but I wanted to make sure to come home to hopefully get some sleep by midnight at the latest as I will have my son tomorrow. I just submitted the payment to my Best Buy credit card so I think I will be working on my Mercury credit card next which has a balance right at $2000. I think between the last 3 cards I have a little over $5000 left to go. Might still seem like a lot, but between all balances before I started paying the cards down were right at $15,000 so I have paid off $10,000+ in credit card debt so I think I am around 70% of the way to having my credit cards paid off.

Currently watching Liar Liar which I used to hate this movie as in my opinion is one of Jim Carrey’s worst movies, but I figured I could get some stuff done while watching this movies, but I am somewhat surprised as it has at least kept me interested in watching it. So I don’t think it is quite as bad as I used to think it was, but still I would consider it my least liked Jim Carrey movies I do believe, but… I do want to say, I am a huge fan of Jim Carrey and I love pretty much all movies I have seen that he is in. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind has to be in my top 10 movies of all time. Also even though I still admit Liar Liar is probably the worst Jim Carrey film, it still has some good moments and there are a couple giggle moments here and there, but no constant laugh out loud moments like Ace Venture does. That movie still cracks me up many times over even after seeing it a good 50+ times.

There were a few moments from today that I actually think I will make some specific blogs about later, but… I think I am pretty tired so finishing up this movie, cleaning a little more and trying to get some sleep soon so I can work tomorrow to make as much as I can before picking up my son as anything I make will go towards money that can be spent while my son is here and then from Sunday night on will go towards the next credit card I will be paying off next.

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