So today I got up and going, did a couple blah Walmart orders, ate some Arby’s (French dip with jalapeno poppers & an orange cream milk shake. Was pretty good, but food usually makes me crash a bit, so decided to come home for a few and do what I like to call a reset. Pretty much where I head home for a few, relax a bit, then once I feel ready slowly, but surely get the apps going again. Already have Instacart & Uber Eats going (I usually get them going first as I usually enjoy doing shopping orders at least at Safeway. Some of the other places like The Dollar Tree & Grocery Outlet can be a pain trying to shop them at times. I hope the weather improves as the rain was coming down hard for awhile there and can suck to drive in it.

I have plans for promoting this website coming up. I don’t plan on saying much about it until I at least have the first step of it started. I want to organize this website a bit more, make it look a bit nicer (but keep it clean and not too busy) and get these credit cards paid off before I get things going with it. Got plans for youtube, this website, my music and etc once these cards are paid off. I can’t wait to stop saying once these cards are paid off and actually am able to say these cards are finally all paid off. Should be just another month or so if all goes as planned.

I want to start implementing blog categories tonight, at least get some kind of basic version of it setup, may be not publish it yet, but start on it as I do want to have themes to the blogs and also have multiple avenues of different things to write about ready to go that I can easily choose from. It should make it more entertaining for both me & you (the reader—I am sure there aren’t many out there yet, but I do plan on changing there coming up) & keep it interesting.

I got all the apps back on now (except Lyft—just don’t feel like my car is as clean as I would like it at the moment to want to have anyone in my car, if I don’t get any orders for awhile I may go fix that as it would only take me a few minutes to get it to where I feel it is good enough as it isn’t a disaster area or anything, but still. I plan on getting regular Uber going eventually also, but I want to do a full detailing first before I do—which should happen once these cards are paid off (I know repeating myself again lol)

I had an order pop up on Uber Eats just now, but it was 3 pharmacy orders for $13 for 13 miles that goes out in the middle of nowhere. I do orders like that sometimes though / if I am not seeing any orders and haven’t for a decent amount of time or the day has just been consistently dead I take anything at all, as I have said this before & sure I will say it again: any money is better than no money.

I have a Chromebook that I have had for awhile and could never find any use for it. I got it for only $25 at a second hand store, but felt it was still a waste of money because I hadn’t used it pretty much at all the whole almost year I have had it. But… I figure I will put it in my small laptop case with a mouse and take it with me while I do the apps and when there is downtown I will make blogs on here with it occasionally. I can still make blogs for this site from my phone, but I can type much faster on an actual keyboard. I haven’t tested it in awhile, but last time I tested myself I could average right at 100 wpm with accuracy around 130 wpm with some typing mistakes and 150+ with a decent amount of mistakes. I have taken multiple typing classes, but it was in middle school and in high school. Other than that I just type a good amount on my pc and do free typing lessons online. I still have my issues with certain things that I would like to improve like I occasionally use the wrong shift button, I have a tendency to use the left shift when I should be using the right. And I rest my wrists when I should have them up off the desk / laptop at times.

Anyways, going to maybe do a few things around here and possibly get my car as clean as I would like it before doing any Lyft rideshares as currently I am seeing nothing (well I saw one more pharmacy deliver, but it was almost exactly the same as the last one and paid a dollar less)

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