So today was a decent amount better even though I made sure to finally shave today. Main reason I decided it was finally time to shave was I saw my sister and she said it was made me look old. She said she meant it in a good way, but… still off came the beard. I also spent some time earlier cleaning & doing laundry. And even though I worked the apps a good amount less than yesterday I made goal + daily expenses. I am technically at 2400+ out of around $2800 of paying the Best Buy credit card off, but… I have my loan payment coming out on the 5th which is $176 so will need to get up to the $2800 plus the $176 to cover both. Then also my son is coming over on Friday so I will have a few days off which is good, but I am sure I will spend at least a couple hundred while he is here so will need to make a bit more. I should still have it paid off by next week, but may be a few days longer than I was hoping. Getting there though. My credit score went up a bit more from the low of around 500 it was a few months back, I am now back up to a credit score of 640. Once I get the rest of the card paid off (hopefully by next month) it should go back over 700+ and even higher if I keep my balances low, but keep using them for small purchases each month.

Anyways, I need to get back to cleaning more so as my son will be coming over on Friday so want it to look decent around here when he does. I may post a bit more to this or this may be it. We will see. I will get to cleaning now, but if I think of anything important to add on here in between cleaning I will go ahead and post it.

So far I have got things mostly clean enough, still got a little to do, but it is way better than it was. While cleaning I am watching The Dilemma on Netflix, so far so good, but I am only halfway through it thus far. I may blog about it a bit if I can stay awake through it. Still has about an hour to go and I am pretty tired. We shall see. Anyways, back to the movie. There may be more or may not be.

Random thought before I get back to the movie and cleaning… There was lightning and some hard thunder, but it only lasted maybe 20 minutes max. Was hoping for a good full on thunder storm before I go to bed, it has been awhile.

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