Up and ready to go for the most part. Already have Instacart, DoorDash and Uber Eats on. I plan on calling Spark today and trying to figure out why I am not getting any orders, I had 1 order from Spark / Walmart in 3 weeks. I may be wrong, but I feel the store somehow limited my ability to get orders because of what happened the last time I did a shop and deliver order. I may make a full blog on that as it was one of the most stressful orders I have dealt with. Luckily the support from Spark was good as the support from the Walmart store was not. Anyways, will most likely go into more details later.

I just got my first order from DoorDash and it is a big one, but pays well enough. 50+ items and 8+ miles, but $38.50 to start the day. I better get going I don’t want to keep the customer waiting.

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